Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Uneducated opportunists" please remove yourselves

Asked recently by Irish Construction,What do you think are the main challenges facing your sector in the future?

Alan Cooke of the IAVI had this to say:

"For properly educated estate agents to seize the opportunity and recover ground lost to uneducated opportunists who entered the business to take advantage of the State's heretofore lax approach to the need for estate agents to study law, valuation methodology, town planning, building construction etc.

This, coupled with the fact that most uneducated estate agents have never experienced a difficult market, presents an ideal opportunity to those for whom real estate was always a first choice career, for which they secured relevant third level qualifications, to effectively reclaim the market."

We just hope he didn't actually say that out loud, cause it's quite a mouthful.

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