Monday, May 28, 2007

How to join the church of latter day ethical estate agents

This gimmick is not just very funny, clever & up-to-date, it actually works as marketing.

Having looked at it, you're ready, you're primed & receptive in fact for a really interesting angle on the difficulty estate agents have in terms of their public image.

Unfortunately, what you get in the target website on an ethical code for estate agents is packaged very badly - a failure in terms of marketing/communications - totally over the top, too "clean" & idealised, not direct enough:

Therefore, as a combination, it's a strange juxtaposition of what you might call a European-like, satirical piece of marketing with a classic bit of po-faced American preaching.

Imagine giving out badges to your employees who had shown respect for a code of ethics! They'd laugh in your face & rightly so.

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Ben Martin said...

Hi, sorry I'm late to the conversation. I just recently joined the staff of the organization that put together this campaign. Obviously, Ted is fabulous. But I'd be curious to get your take on how we could do the code is good business part better. Feel free to contact me directly at