Friday, May 18, 2007

Euphemistic Madness, Propertymonkey to the rescue.

Estate agents have conducted some excellent research over the last ten years or so as house prices have experienced unprecedented growth levels. I always wondering though, how news would be managed if prices began to go downwards instead. This finally started to occur over the last few months. One leading agent/economist describes how “the average price of a second-hand property in Ireland eased back moderately by 1.1% during the first three months of 2007”. Also "House prices eased further in the Dublin second hand market in the first quarter of the year with prices falling back by 2.3%". Correct me if I’m wrong but is “eased back” not a fall, drop or decrease? In conjunction with this we are told that if certain areas are excluded from the analysis, even a slight increase can be detected from the figures. Is there any need to soften a soft landing? Enough of this fluffiness I say, let’s call a spade a spade. Propertymonkey is no fool!

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