Thursday, April 23, 2009

MFO website live

I see MFO (McGinley, Farrelly & O'Connor), the new Ranelagh-based agency whose boards seem to be popping up everywhere, have got their website fully up and running, including their own Property Review blog-type section (which I hope they maintain).

I just still wonder about the name. MF is one thing. FO is another. Put them together and you're surely asking for trouble! But maybe when you combine them, the rude associations are eradicated. It certainly doesn't seem to have caused this team any harm: we have 9 listings for them in the resale database already and yet they haven't even gone after that market as much as lettings et cetera and are only in business a few wet months.

What a time to start a new agency, but they appear to be made of the right stuff to manage.

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