Friday, November 28, 2008

Guess the name and win of magnum of champagne for your office

The Property Week Limited started trading in Ireland in 2003. We called ourselves The Property Week because we started life as a newsletter summarising the week's residential property news and listings in a handy format for property professionals to keep up with what was happening in the market at a glance.

We were hardly even aware of there being a very important magazine of the same name in the UK, and because we were only involved with residential property it wouldn't have seemed a problem anyway. However, now that we have started monitoring the commercial property market, we do find the name becoming a problem.

After much deliberation we've finally chosen a new name and will be launching it in the new year. To celebrate we are running a little competition: the first person to guess the name correctly (entries via email to will receive a magnum of champagne & giant box of chocolates delivered to their office. (Our decision will be final, terms and condition apply and so on.) As we get closer to Christmas if we still haven't had a winner we'll start dropping big hints on the site.

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