Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another wedding invite?

My heart skipped a beat on Monday when I was picking up the mail and noticed the rough artisan-style cream coloured envelope that can only mean one thing - another wedding invitation.

To my interest (and relief), the envelope actually contained an elaborate invitation to attend the opening of Chesterfield at Cross Avenue - a new development from Avenue Homes, a subsidiary of The Naus Group, with HTMOR as the selling agent.

The invitation has a lone, real leaf affixed on the cover - one suspects from the gardens of Chesterfield themselves. It invites me to come and experience "life in the gardens of Chesterfield"- not to a mere new homes launch but a "garden party event".

With the location in Blackrock it's reasonable to expect an element of style to the campaign, but this is another example of just how far developers and their agents are prepared to go to get the attention of the house buying public. When business is slow, marketing needs to work twice as hard, as is evidenced also by the Chesterfield website which is currently putting the following proposal: "You know what you want from Blackrock living, so why not tell us?"

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