Friday, February 1, 2008

Quotes of the Week 01/02

"After a decade of phenomenal growth, the market finally came off the boil in 2007. However prices today are pretty close to where they were at the start of 2006 and the fundamentals behind the market remain strong – as evidenced by rising rents. There is clearly demand for new houses albeit at reduced levels. The question is at what point buyers will take confidence that we’re at the top of the interest rate cycle and return to buy.” – Niall O’Grady, Head of Marketing at Permanent TSB

‘‘The latest activity is because buyers do see more value in the market. Everyone’s negotiating and negotiating hard.” – Adam Clarke, Savills Hamilton Osborne King Clontarf.

"While we think confidence in the Irish housing market is unlikely to improve rapidly, a clear turn in the interest rate cycle, a further small easing in house prices in coming months, an improving trend in affordability, a sharp reduction in supply and signs of resilience in the Irish economy suggest that after a challenging start to the year, 2008 could end with the Irish housing market on a steadier footing." - Austin Hughes, IIB Bank chief economist.

"I think they're heading for a great fall [in value]. A lot of the building sites in Gorey have come to a standstill. It's a scary time." – Homeowner in Gorey, Irish Independent.

"Even if one were to accept that high rise is a necessity, and we do not accept this, the architecture involved in some of the high-rise buildings that have been allowed by Dublin city council planners is quite extraordinary." - The National Conservation and Heritage Group

“Unfortunately, our research shows that many players in the property industry are merely paying lip service to the whole energy rating process. The majority of property owners and developers are not implementing any meaningful energy-efficiency measures in either their old buildings or their new buildings and, until the impetus comes from bottom up – i.e. from consumers, tenants or shareholders – and thus creates a value differential, our fear is that property owners and developers will continue to do nothing” - Dr Clare Eriksson and Stephanie McMahon; Jones Lang LaSalle European wide sustainability in property survey.

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