Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Property websites multiplying

You've surely noticed the battle on for domination of the online property advertising market. announced last week that it "has captured over 65 per cent market share of all property for sale on the island of Ireland"; it called itself "the leading and fastest growing property portal in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland" (presumably combining the two markets, in which case it might as well have said "only property portal"!!), and "number one website"; and it claimed to carry "listings from over 1,000 estate agents and auctioneers" (again, presumably combining North & South).

No sooner has a claim been made, but a counter-claim follows. In a recent radio campaign, was quite dismissive of these kinds of claims. use its website to show the figures for their claim to be "Ireland's busiest website". And both & are now themselves advertising on radio; Funda is on television (with snails, ducks & so on); and is fighting back with all its indignant might (including the property pages of the Irish Times). There must be much to protect.

And indeed, property advertising attracts an incredible amount of entrepreneurial interest. There are so many Irish property websites out there now it is becoming hard to keep track, so we're going to do so here.

This item will be added to as we come across them, and we have a feature in the pipeline on how the main ones compare to one another:

Advertising Portals -

Cork -
Mayo -

In the meantime, here's what has to say about their offering:

" is the better property website to deal with the properties in ." At least they didn't claim to be the "best"!!!!

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