Thursday, March 29, 2007

A horse of an ad

We're running an ad as a favour this weekend. It's our first ever ad and we kinda had to do it cause it was supporting an organisation in which important clients of ours are involved (Youngs & the well-known property brochure experts CJ Print & design - Mr Hederman, to be precise). The ad is going to appear in a wee booklet that the South County Dublin Hunt are producing for an event in Clane on Sunday (- all welcome at Charlie O'Neills!). Anyway, favour or not, and miniscule audience or not, it has proven to be a good exercise for us. We got our colleagues in Penhire to lend a hand and have come up with something very appropriate. What do you think?

And then it occurred to us that the Irish National Hunt Festival was coming up at Punchestown and this might be a more strategic opportunity for us to place the very same ad - in the racecard. We got in touch with Punchestown & it ain't cheap (€3,000 for the full 4 days racecards), but we're thinking about maybe doing 1 day considering the audience (what percentage developers & what percentage estate agents & what percentage financiers?!).

Any one got any opinions on this as a communications exercise?

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